On June 26th, the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of Montenegro presented the results achieved over the past year. The Minister, Biljana Sćepanović, said that the primary obligation of the Ministry is to create and improve conditions for quality science and innovation in Montenegro, as well as for adequate valorisation of that work and achieved results.

Biljana Sćepanović pointed out that the Ministry is continuously working on improving the conditions for carrying out scientific research and innovation activities in Montenegro. This includes the application of the concept of smart specialization and harmonization with EU standards, with the aim of fully integrating our scientific and innovation community into the European research area and strengthening domestic innovation potentials, in accordance with the New European Innovation Agenda.

“When it comes to scientific research activity, with tenders for national scientific research projects and co- financing of scientific research activity, we strengthen the capacities of research teams in Montenegro, and we encourage excellence in science, which contributes to the development of a society based on knowledge and competitiveness at the international level”, Sćepanović stated.

In particular, the minister presented the project MONTEVITS as a successful example of Horizon projects with the University of Donja Gorica (UDG) as the lead partner, promoting the development of the science and innovation community and raising the quality of scientific research and innovation work.