In the face of climate change, the viticulture sector must adapt to new challenges and opportunities. The EU-funded Montevitis project is at the forefront of this adaptation, developing innovative tools to support wine growers across Europe. The MONTEVITIS Consortium is proud to announce the launch of the Montevitis Phenology app, a groundbreaking tool designed to enhance climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts in viticulture.

The Montevitis Phenology app is a powerful, user-friendly application created to streamline the collection and management of phenology data for wine growers. Phenology, the study of the timing of biological events such as flowering and fruiting, is crucial for understanding how climate change impacts vine growth and development.

The app allows wine growers to easily record phenological data in the field. This includes tracking key stages such as budburst, flowering, and harvest. Beyond data collection, the app serves as a comprehensive fieldwork register. Growers can log daily activities, monitor vineyard conditions, and plan upcoming tasks. Besides, designed with input from wine growers, the app is intuitive and easy to use, ensuring that even those with limited technical experience can benefit from its features.

The Montevitis Phenology app is part of a larger effort to promote sustainable practices in viticulture.

We invite wine growers across Europe to join the Montevitis initiative and start using the Montevitis Phenology app which is now available for iOS, and will soon be available for Android users.

Together for the mitigation of climate change’s impact on viticulture!