MONTEVITIS aim is to improve, standardize and enhance University Donja Gorica (UDG)’s research and cooperation capabilities and performance in areas of climate change mitigation and adaptation in viticulture, in Montenegro and across Europe.

Research & Validation

Understand the impact on physiological processes in the vine, the yield, ripening, and quality of grapes and wines of different varieties.

Use and adapt currently available analytical and modelling methods in viticulture to evaluate the regional effects of climate change.


Define precision viticulture methodologies & requirements for technological implementation in vineyard management.


Main Objective

MONTEVITIS’ main objective is installing the modelling tools for processing climatic and grapevine datasets while discovering and building a set of measures and technological tools for the most suitable application of mitigation and adaptation measures in Montenegro.

Specific Objectives


Coordinate and carry out knowledge-sharing and capacity-building activities to improve UDG's S&T capabilities and Montenegro viticulture;

The challenges created by climate change in wine production require holistic approaches and modernised methodologies and insights, to promote the sustainability and consistency of the industry. MONTEVITIS has a great focus on knowledge-sharing between the consortium and external partners to combine the expertise of the different 

partners and stakeholders and drive innovation. The project will create opportunities for thematic workshops, international staff exchange, short courses and summer schools and thematic seminars and webinars to promote Science and Technology (S&T) capacity building of the viticulture industry and research in Montenegro.


Provide groundwork for transdisciplinary applied research in UDG in the fields relevant to viticulture and climate change;

MONTEVITIS will converge the research potential of UDG with the strengths of each consortium member to integrate fundamental methodologies for vineyard monitoring and
climate change assessment, develop and improve prediction models for Montenegro’s vineyards, and define the most appropriate mitigation and adaptation measures.

Ultimately, it will combine grapevine modelling, innovative tools and precision viticulture strategies to enhance vineyard management and decision support.


Lay out foundations for UDG’s sustainability in activities relating to climate change and viticulture on a national and European level while enhancing research management and administrative abilities;

MONTEVITIS will pave the way for promoting climate change and viticulture disciplines as crucial and fundamental areas of expertise of UDG, encouraging networking with EU partner institutions and development of research management and administration skills in EU projects.


Increase UDG’s reputation, collaboration and influence;

MONTEVITIS will promote activities to raise the profile and collaboration opportunities of
UDG and all the Montenegrin wineries involved in the project, within the scope of research, employability, teaching, commercialisation, marketing and clustering activities, ultimately promoting the visibility of Montenegro’s viticulture sector in national and international circles.